Governance and Accountability of Council: What you need to know

The Ministry of Government Relations has developed a new document aimed at assisting administrators and clerks in providing information to citizens with the intent that issues may be resolved at the local level.

The intent of this document is that it be available to all citizens as a handout.  The document is available on the website at :

Winter Risks

Winter Risk Control Services:


Prevent Winter Roof Collapse

Snow is a fact of life in Canada and all areas are subject to regular accumulations and snow storms. Deep accumulations of snow can lead to roof collapse. In addition, rain combined with previous moderate snow accumulations can overload the structure and lead to collapse.  See More Info

frozenpipesPreventing Frozen Pipes

Freezing weather may bring discomforts but one of them, frozen water pipes, can be avoided with a little planning and a few simple steps. When frigid arctic air hits, water freezes, and as it freezes, it expands causing pipes to burst and possible flooding to occur. Domestic water lines, heating and cooling systems and sprinkler systems are all susceptible.  See More Info

2016-2017 Curling Spiels


  • December 9 – 2 Man Bonspiel
  • January 6&7 – Open Bonspiel
  • February 11– Ladies Funspiel
  • March 3 & 4 – Mixed Bonspiel
  • Tuesday & Thursday Square draw league – Weekly @ 7pm

For More information or to enter:

  • Christine Catton – (306) 270-3777
  • Christina Boobyer – (306) 231-9872
  • Dawn McPhee – (306) 230-9926