May 7 – 13 is Emergency Measures Awarness week!

Are you prepared? We ask each family to get prepared by going to
To celebrate EMO Week May 7 – 13, the Town will be doing a draw of each household for a voucher for a Town of Hanley bunnyhug! You don’t have to do anything for this draw as we have a list of everyone in Town.
We are looking for a Block Captain for the 300 Block of Lincoln St.
This requires no meetings. All you will need to do is notify all the homes on this block if we have an emergency.

Increase in Railway Line Activities

The Agvantage Hanley Logistics Hub has been granted a Permit to Open the railway line by the Highway Transportation Board, located in the Town of Hanley. With the permit approval, there will be an increase in rail related activities. Please keep clear of all rail tracks in and around the Town.

With anticipation of an increase in rail and truck traffic, use care when crossing the rail line over public road crossings. For any inquiries or concerns or to report an incident
please contact Brian Sawatzky: 403-404-3403